Brain Health Innovation

better known as Electroencephalography (EEG)

EEG, is a scan that presents information covering multiple views of the brain. Data is assessed in real-time and then correlated with Dr. Glynn’s findings so that we can get the full picture of what your baseline is and can help determine the overall health of the brain. This procedure can be completed in packages of three to four scans. 

Concussion Base Line Tests

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Why use it?

Total brain health

Assessment tool that has never been offered before

Nothing more important than the development of your brain

Make the sport and the player safer

Increase awareness to the athlete, their family and their coaches.

Formulating specific goals and rehab for an injured player or a non injured person.

Making sure you brain is functioning the best of its ability.

What can it assess?

Traumas to the head, including concussions



How medication affects the brain

Sleep Disorders


This is a tool to help assess your overall brains functionality, it is not a diagnostic tool. With my examination and the results of the EEG we will give you the best outcome for the health of your brain and the overall function of your body
— Dr. Ryan Glynn
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"The examinations associated with the WAVi report are not suitable for making a diagnosis but can provide useful information.The WAVi Headset is FDA cleared for use in routine clinical and research settings where rapid placement of a number of EEG electrodes is desired. CM 1000 Rev 1."


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