Addressing Your Problems: Not Just Your Symptoms


Who we are

Since 2011, Dr. Ryan Glynn has been practicing chiropractic care. Through his experiences, research and studies Dr. Glynn found that he kept asking himself “why is it that sometimes our bodies work at a 100% level of efficiency and the next day our bodies only work at 60%?” His solution was to open his own practice so that he could find these answer directly. 

At Glynn Chiropractic we focus on helping people look at the body as a whole instead of segmenting it, like what most medical professionals tend to do. By assessing it as a whole we can address the cause and not just the symptom: this is what makes us different.

Understanding that patients have diverse needs is essential to correcting their pain long-term. We want to show people that they can help themselves after they visit and recognize that it’s more important to be out doing what they love than it is to be stuck in our office every week.  

We would love to connect with you and talk about what aches, pains and other problems or discomforts you experience. No matter the age, shape, or problem, we are positive that we can help put you back on track to living your best life.

If you Experience:

✔︎   Chronic/Acute Pain

✔︎   Sports Injuries

✔︎   Headaches/Migraines

✔︎    Joint Stiffness/Limited Motion/Pain

✔︎   Neck Pain/Discomforts

✔︎   Shoulder Pain/Discomforts

✔︎   Low Back Pain/Discomforts

✔︎   Vertigo

✔︎   Tinitus

✔︎   Hip Pain/Discomforts

✔︎    Sprains/Strains

✔︎   Whiplash

✔︎   TMJ

✔︎   Asthma/Allergies/Sinus

Or any other problems, We can Help