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"Excellent!! Professional, enthusiastic and efficient. I originally made an appointment with my primary doctor after I was in an accident. I was in severe constant pain. They could not figure out the problem. I received no solution, no referrals, and a doctor bill for $260 for useless X-Rays!! I decided to check out Glynn Chiropractic on a whim, after only a few appointments my pain was eliminated and headaches minimized. I could not believe it. I am extremely satisfied and will continue to be a patient at Glynn Chiropractic"

-Elizabeth B.

"We are from TN and back in town visiting family.... I called Ryan due to a sudden neck pain and he had me in right away. Once he was done making my pain disappear he was kind enough to adjust my family! Thoughtful and very knowledgeable....much appreciated Dr. Glynn!"

-Patrick S.


"About 2 years ago, my son was only 9 months old and was having ear infections every 6 weeks, we were on antibiotics like crazy. A friend advised me of Dr. Glynn, so I contacted him and set up an appointment. When we saw Dr. Glynn not only was he professional, but he explained everything he was going to do to my at the time infant, he massaged the back of his ears to get the fluid to not sit. Carson went 2 years without having an ear infection after that! This past weekend Carson slipped down our front steps and hurt his back, two days later he slipped in the tub. Something wasn't right, he was having troubles walking. When I took him to the emergency room I was told that it was just late (2am at the time) and he was just tired. I then tried to seek treatment from his primary care doctor who told me that my 2.5 year old was faking his injuries, but I knew otherwise. I was lost unsure of what to do then I remembered Dr. Glynn. I called his office this morning and they got me in immediately, we walked in the staff was super professional and helpful and walked us right back into the room. Dr. Glynn took one look at Carson and knew something wasn't right. His hips were completely out of line, causing lower back issues as well. After Dr. Glynn's adjustment, Carson immediately showed signs of improvement. He also gave us some tips to do at home of things that would help. 5 hours after our appointment and you would never know that anything was ever wrong. Dr. Glynn not only fixed Carson but saved me from seeing many more doctors that people were advising me to try. Thank you for making my child no longer be in pain and making him back to his crazy two year old self"

-Marissa W.

"Three days ago, I severely aggravated my plantar fasciitis, to the point where I could not walk. I went to see Dr Ryan the next day and had an absolutely amazing experience. He applied rock tape to my foot, ankle and leg. I honestly didn't think it would help because of how bad I felt. The pain in my heel that morning before I saw him was the worst pain I had literally ever felt. I couldn't touch any part of my heel, where previously the issue was only on the bottom inside of my foot. It took me 15 mins to be able to walk on it when I got up that morning and it literally brought me to tears. I could barely put pressure on it for most of the day. When I saw Dr. Ryan that afternoon, I did have some mobility back, but the pain was still so intense. After an adjustment, he did some therapy on my leg and then applied the rock tape as previously stated. That evening I wore my boot to sleep as I had done in the past as part of the plantar fasciitis treatment to keep my foot at a 90 degree angle, stretched and ready to walk in the morning. It was something I had been doing for a few months since the initial injury to help me walk in the morning. The next morning my foot had already felt so much better and I was able to walk without the excruciating pain. The next nite I decided not to use the boot and trust the tape. When I woke, I couldn't believe that I was able to walk immediately, with no major mobility issues or pain. I didn't have to stretch my foot or calf for any length of time as I had in the past. I still have some pain on the inside of my heel, but nothing to the extent I had the days before. It doesn't hurt to point or raise my foot, which I couldn't do before because it felt like I was ripping the bottom of my heel/foot. I'm completely blown away by the difference in my foot. I can't thank Dr. Ryan enough for his care."

-Sara C.

"I've been seeing Dr. Ryan for several years now. We have also used him for our daughter. He did an newborn adjustment at 3 days old and she has since seen him several times over the last 4 years. It really helped her a lot, especially when learning to walk, as she really threw her hips out of place falling down. I highly recommend him for anything as simple as a neck/hip adjustment to something as scary as adjustments on newborns. He is gentle, informative, smart and very personable. You can tell he takes pride in his job, and these days that's a great thing to be a part of."

-Emily K.

"Dr. Ryan is the best and he truly care about each of his clients well being. He take time with each and every one of them and he goes the extra mile for those in need. Thanks for all you do!!"

-Marni & Dan G.

"My family and I were so happy to find out that Dr. Ryan Glynn has opened an office in Libertyville! He has treated me more effectively than any other chiropractor I have seen over the past 20+ years. The staff is friendly and fun, and the massage therapists all offer several years of experience. It's such a great place to go for general wellness or a broad range of ailments, which of course includes back and neck pain, or headaches."

-Teri B.

“So glad to be able to visit Dr. Ryan again--I have been going to chiropractors since 1985 for a spinal injury.... I have seen 6 different doctors in 30 years and all have helped me with my pain and motion issues. I can honestly say none have been close to Dr. Ryan when it comes to helping me. Dr. Ryan is not only the best at helping my neck and back issues, but also understanding what is going on with my body and what I can do at home to help myself...THANK YOU”


Ryan is amazing! He is the most genuine person you could meet. He is so knowledgeable and personal. We travel for an hour and a half to go to Ryan's practice. We highly recommend Ryan and his staff!”

-Alyssa P.

"I had been seeing Dr. Ryan Glynn for routine chiropractic adjustment and shin splints and it was at one of these regular appointments he found a lump in my neck that would change my life. Dr. Ryan helped keep my joints feel pressure-free and relaxed during my lengthy search for a diagnosis and even during my chemo treatment when I was stiff and out of sorts everywhere. I not only credit Dr. Ryan Glynn with saving my life, but with helping me cope with the effects of my disease; I could not imagine going through all that without him. Despite being cancer free, I continue to see him for routine adjustments to stay loose, aligned, and healthy. I would recommend him to anyone - he is a miracle worker to say the least. Thank you Dr. Ryan!!"

-Liz P.

“Dr. Ryan is intelligent, caring, gentle, a great listener and inspires me to think more about my overall health and the importance of taking good care of me. Not only does he love what he does, he loves to learn anything new about chiropractic care. He is very excited to learn about how he can care for his patients better through new studies, ideas and methods. I highly recommend Dr. Ryan!”

-Jennifer P.