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Brain Health Innovation

Electroencephalogram, also known as EEG, is a scan that presents information covering multiple views of the brain. Data is assessed in real-time and then correlated with Dr. Glynn’s findings to...

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New Treatment Methods



CBD Topical Pain Relief from/by CBD CLINIC

Cannabidiol Solutions

CBD CLINIC™ Professional Series topical medications are one of our many CBD treatment methods including...



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Interferential Current Therapy

IFC sends small amounts of electrical currents through the skin to...


Graston Technique®

Example of the Graston Technique from

Graston Technique®

A patented form of manual therapy that uses stainless steel tools to perform...


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Dr. Ryan Glynn featured in Voyage Chicago

Dr. Ryan Glynn was featured in Voyage Chicago where he talks about running Glynn Chiropractic and the volunteer work he does for the Libertyville Boys' Club.