Lisa Sullivan


I am a fitness enthusiast with a passion for health and wellness.  I am AFAA certified in personal training and group exercise.  In the past 15 years, I have worked in gyms, personal trained and worked in multi-disciplinary medical practices.

At Glynn Chiropractic, Dr. Glynn and I will come together and personalize a specific treatment plan to help optimize your everyday lifestyle.  Treatment plans can be made for patients ranging from the sedentary person to the elite athlete.

Additional Training:

- Rehabilitation of the spine, knee and shoulder

- Chronic inflammation in health and well being

- Patellofemoral pain syndrome

- Group resistance training

- Schwinn indoor cycling

- Chronic muscle fatigue


Karen Grist


Therapeutic massage combined with the medical knowledge of a chiropractor can enhance your rehab and make a difference in healing time. Since 2004, I have had the privilege of working alongside very skilled chiropractors as well as massage therapists.  This environment has allowed me to treat a wide variety of conditions such as repetitive strain injury(s), tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, fibromyalgia, headaches, pre-postnatal and general pain management. Using diverse techniques, I will tailor your therapy to help the chiropractors adjustment last longer, reduce symptoms, prevent muscle spasm and return you to a state of pain free living.

Certified in Kinesiology Taping as well as Therapeutic Cupping.  These modalities used along with those previously studied have helped achieve profound therapeutic results with most patients feeling immediate relief.


Mandy Long



Through my massage therapist career, I have always worked within a chiropractic clinic; and have had the opportunity to work with very caring and talented chiropractors.  This has allowed me to collaborate with other therapists and doctors in order achieve the most effective care for each of our patients. Though I specialize in deep tissue work, I am experienced in a wide variety of other massage therapy techniques; such as Swedish and Sports massage.  I strive to make massage therapy an effective approach in order to address the needs of any client.  I have experience working with individuals who have had injuries (sport or otherwise), pregnancy, migraine/headache, chronic pain; among many other conditions that benefit from massage therapy as a treatment option.   I am continually reading up on new methods, and attend workshops to increase my knowledge of massage therapy, benefits and techniques.


After several years in the corporate world, Teri felt burned out and wanted a more spiritually rewarding career. She was impressed with the physical and mental benefits that she received from massage and decided to enroll in the Massage Therapy program at Solex Medical Academy. Teri is certified in Prenatal massage, Cupping, and Rock Tape application. She is also certified in Aromatherapy, and can provide you with an essential oil blend that is specifically tailored to your needs. She feels that the best part of being a Massage Therapist is the opportunity to help people relax and recover to achieve great health and wellness.