A Simple Treatment That Saved A Life


 “I had been seeing Dr. Ryan Glynn for routine chiropractic adjustment and shin splints and it was at one of these regular appointments he found a lump in my neck that would change my life. Dr. Ryan helped keep my joints feel pressure-free and relaxed during my lengthy search for a diagnosis and even during my chemo treatment when I was stiff and out of sorts everywhere. I not only credit Dr. Ryan Glynn with saving my life, but with helping me cope with the effects of my disease; I could not imagine going through all that without him. Despite being cancer free, I continue to see him for routine adjustments to stay loose, aligned, and healthy. I would recommend him to anyone - he is a miracle worker to say the least. Thank you Dr. Ryan!!”

-       Liz P.


Paying Attention to Close Detail Can Help Save Lives


On December 19th, 2012 an established female patient, age 52, with chronic migraines came in to get treated due to a new complaint: left sided low back pain.  This pain developed out of nowhere and was intermittent in nature.  She experienced this pain one week prior to coming into the office.  The pain was gradual as the week went on ranging from a 3/10 on the pain.

Just like any other time she came in, she was wearing her sunglasses and looked like she was worn out due to her migraines.  As I walked her back to a room I noticed that her gait was off more than usual and her right hand was by her left shoulder.  When she sat down in the examination room I noticed that she was sweating profusely (the temperature of the building was set at 70 degrees).  Her pupils were constricted and breathing was very heavy.  I asked what wrong and the only thing she mentioned was I”I have left low back pain that at times shoots up to my left shoulder blade”. I immediately asked if she was having any left arm pain and left jaw pain.  She stated “I have some numbness to my left pinky and ring finger and left forearm.  I have no jaw pain just pain to the side of my neck and ear”.  I took her blood pressure (173/110) and pulse (111 bpm) and listen to her heart with my stethoscope.  I called to my front desk and asked them to call 911.  By the time the E.M.T. came to the clinic she was getting disoriented and scared.  I kept her calm the best I could do and let the paramedics take over and do their jobs.  She was giving Nitroglycerides immediately and shipped to the hospital.

After work I visited her in the hospital to see how my patient was feeling.  The E.R. attending stated that we caught the heart attack just in time. 

While the patient told me “I wasn’t even going to come in and see you, I was just going to sleep it off….and the scary part was, I was home alone.”