Patient's Treatments


Ryan is such an excellent chiropractor! His hands are magic, he is kind, listens with a full heart and really knows what to do to get your body back to optimal health!! Terrific experience!” 

-       Linda L.


"Dr. Ryan is the best and he truly care about each of his clients well being. He take time with each and every one of them and he goes the extra mile for those in need. Thanks for all you do!!"

- Marni and Dan G.


 “So glad to be able to visit Dr. Ryan again--I have been going to chiropractors since 1985 for a spinal injury.... I have seen 6 different doctors in 30 years and all have helped me with my pain and motion issues. I can honestly say none have been close to Dr. Ryan when it comes to helping me. Dr. Ryan is not only the best at helping my neck and back issues, but also understanding what is going on with my body and what I can do at home to help myself...THANK YOU”

-       Rob


“Dr. Ryan is intelligent, caring, gentle, a great listener and inspires me to think more about my overall health and the importance of taking good care of me. Not only does he love what he does, he loves to learn anything new about chiropractic care. He is very excited to learn about how he can care for his patients better through new studies, ideas and methods. I highly recommend Dr. Ryan!”

-       Jennifer P.



Ryan is amazing! He is the most genuine person you could meet. He is so knowledgeable and personal. We travel for an hour and a half to go to Ryan's practice. We highly recommend Ryan and his staff!”

-       Alyssa P.



Dr. Glynn is very knowledgeable and doesn't just treat you - he also explains 'why' you need to be treated and 'how' he is going to treat you. He is very patient in doing this and makes it very easy to understand. His passion for his profession shines through during your visit! He is the BEST!”

-       Karyn W.



Dr. Glynn boils it down to what you need to do to get better. He doesn't try to keep you coming back unnecessarily as with other offices. He cares about his patients and it shows.”

-       Kevin D.



Dr. Glynn has been a colleague of mine since we started chiropractic school together! One of the top doctors in our class by far! This doctor will undoubtedly provide top of the line care for any who seek his skill and knowledge in our field.”

-       Ashley D.



The best in lake county hands down”

-       Tibby T.



"My family and I were so happy to find out that Dr. Ryan has opened an office in Libertyville! He has treated me more effectively than any other chiropractor I have seen over the past 20+ years!"

-Teri B


"I was thrilled when I heard Dr. Ryan was opening his office. He is always so positive, caring and supportive. He is knowledgeable and very excited about about what he does. He is up to date on and interested in new ideas concerning his field. I would recommend Dr Ryan to anyone. He is the best!"

-Jodi M



"Attentive, knowledgeable, caring and funny. Nice combo to have in a chiro or person in general."

Amy F


"I love how Dr. Glynn takes his time with me and listens to ALL my ailments. Nothing is too small to ignore. Thanks for making me feel better!"

-Sinee F