Don't Snap at Work

Heading into the office everyday usually entails being knee-deep in assignments, presentations, and reports. It’s easy to become overwhelmed and victimized by all of the stress. However, such stress is worse for the body than one probably previously imagined.

The body responds to stress internally. As such, it clenches and tenses up, which can lead to even more discomfort as the body is thrown out of whack. For example, when one is stressed, they tend to breathe using their shoulders rather than their diaphragm. This breathing technique causes the shoulders and upper back to become overused and can lead to misalignments in the spine. Consequently, it is important to breath horizontally by pushing the diaphragm outwards, like inflating a balloon. Posture is very influential on the spinal cord and its general proper placement. Breathing properly and imagining one’s back to be straight and the chest to be lifted can lead to improved posture.

Compressed tension within the body will undoubtedly lead to problems. Thus, managing one’s stress and actively keeping good posture could improve back pain induced by anxiety. Chiropractic care works in a similar fashion as it correlates and works with the body’s own anatomy. Treatment focuses on manipulating the body back in its original placement, which then leads to secondary benefits such as alleviated pain or enhanced posture. Benefits from chiropractic care cause a domino effect leading to other improvements, like better breathing.

Just as people have the ability to actively tell their bodies to perform or function in a certain way, chiropractic has the same power. Chiropractic treatment is a very natural option of ameliorating the body and “resetting” it.

-Cassie Corbin